New System Installation

Water is the primary requirement for growth and survival of turf grass. In this area, rainfall is not frequent enough to provide adequate water to sustain a thick, green lawn. That’s where we come in. If you are ready to have the lawn of your dreams, we can help make it happen.

We'll get there quick and provide you an estimate within 48 Hours

Our estimate/installation procedure:

  • When you are close to making the decision, just give us a call or email to schedule a free estimate.
  • We will come out and meet with you to discuss your property’s needs and take measurements.
  • After gathering the necessary information to build your estimate, we will email you a detailed quote—typically within 48 hours of our visit to your property.
  • When you are ready to proceed with the installation, we will prepare a contract and schedule the work.
  • Upon completion of the installation, we will schedule a walkthrough (typically within one week of completion) to insure you are comfortable with all aspects of the system.
  • First winterization service is included with our new system installations.

We have developed installation methods that minimize the damage to existing lawn/landscaped areas. As opposed to smaller companies that rely on a single machine or method of installing, we have various types of equipment which allows us to select the best option for your project. In addition, we do our best to avoid damage to underground fios/cable/telephone lines by contacting 811 prior to excavating for your new system.

We have an ongoing goal of building a successful business by looking out for our customers’ best interests. It is important for customers to carefully select a qualified contractor, as the majority of irrigation components are installed sub-surface and many contractors have the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. Richmond Irrigation takes pride in all aspects of the job - that is how the owner was trained, it is how our installers are trained, and it is what our customers deserve.

Maintenance & Service/Repair of Existing Systems

Irrigation systems are similar to the other systems (a/c, plumbing, etc.) in your home. They should be maintained and serviced by qualified people on a regular basis in order to keep the system fully operational and maximize its effectiveness.

No one knows irrigation like we do!

We have developed options for maintaining irrigation systems that will accommodate all types of customers. Regardless of which services you choose, once we have visited your property we document the particulars of your system and keep them on file, which allows us to arrive at your house better prepared. In addition, we send out reminder emails to existing customers when it’s time to schedule the spring start-up and winterization services. Below is a description of the services offered:

Yearly Maintenance Agreement:

For customers that prefer to pay in advance to receive a discount and other benefits, we offer two different options of yearly maintenance agreements.
Basic plan - includes spring startup and winterization services.
Enhanced plan - includes basic plan plus seasonal monthly wet check visits.
Customer can include options for backflow testing and pre-aeration flagging visit.
Pricing starting at $85/year. Please call our office (804) 271-8030 for an exact quote on your system

Spring Startup:

Perform proper steps to bring irrigation system on-line for the season, run each zone to check for proper operation/coverage, and setup watering schedule based on current weather conditions. If any issues are found with your system, we will email an estimate detailing the recommended repairs or improvements.
$67 for systems of up to 8 zones; $5 for each additional zone in excess of 8

Backflow Testing:

Test sprinkler system's backflow prevention device and submit paperwork to appropriate county/city department


Review/adjust watering schedule of irrigation system and perform visual audit of each zone.
$40 for systems up to 8 zones; $5 for each additional zone in excess of 8


Turn off water and blow out irrigation lines using compressed air.
$67 for systems of up to 8 zones; $5 for each additional zone in excess of 8

Service/Repair Visit:

If your system is in need of repair, please contact our office by phone/email to setup a service/repair visit. Although we do not provide free estimates for repairs, we can share with you over the phone typical pricing for many of the repair scenarios that we frequently encounter.