Richmond Drainage Solutions

Many times the soil conditions found on residential properties necessitate the installation of drainage components in order to have a usable yard. If you believe your property could benefit from the installation of drainage components, we are confident that we are your best option. Our workers are trained to install drainage components in lawn areas with minimal disruption to the existing lawn/landscaped areas.  Below are descriptions of the types of drainage that are commonly installed in Richmond, VA. Often we combine several types of drainage to provide customers with the maximum amount of relief.

Sub-Surface Drainage (French Drain)

The combination of a fabric lined ditch, perforated sock pipe, and drainage gravel to provide the path of least resistance for water that is holding in lawn areas, creating soft conditions. The sub-surface components transition to solid piping to send the water to a designated discharge location.

Surface Drainage

The installation of catch basins or channel drains to collect surface water and minimize puddling. Catch basins are typically 9" or 12" boxes with a grate, installed slightly below existing elevation to promote the movement of surface water into the box.

Downspout Drainage

Solid drain piping connected directly to gutter downspouts to send water to a designated discharge location, away from the home's foundation.

Foundation Drainage

The installation of subsurface drainage components along the home's foundation to minimize the amount of moisture in the crawlspace. For foundation drainage we typically apply a 'waterproofing' material to the exterior walls of the foundation to provide further protection against moisture penetration.

Gutter Drainage—the best long-term approach to directing rainwater away from the foundation